In the year 1960, Engr. Delfin M Wenceslao Sr. started with the vision to bring forward the country’s urban landscape. He began this by organizing D.M. Wenceslao and Associates Inc. (DMWAI) as an individual proprietorship. Five years later, DMWAI was incorporated. Today, it is licensed by the Philippine Licensing Board as Category “AAAA” with classifications as “General Engineering” and “General Building”.

With more than 50 years of experience and industry expertise, DMWAI has established itself as one of the leading integrated real estate development and construction companies in the Philippines.


For us, each project aims to help improve the lives of the Filipino people by providing jobs and creating unique projects to cater to the country’s current environment. Our experience in the different fields of construction, gave us a unique perspective for our own real estate developments. With our technical heritage, DMWAI possesses the necessary capabilities and strengths to implement various projects in both real estate and infrastructure. Our works have garnered us the respect of being among the top integrated real estate and construction companies in the country. With this in mind, we ensure to continuously help build a better nation through aiding in our national and social development.


We want private and institutional investors to have an accurate account of our company affairs. The aim is to provide partners with the information they need to make proper business decisions with minimal risk. Our data is always up to date and closely monitored to make sure investments continue to grow and flourish.


To provide the highest quality of products & services to the local and global community is the fundamental commitment of DMWAI. We ensure to meet requirements and global standards through continuous enhancement of our quality management system and of our people.


  1. To meet customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality of services and products.
  2. To further enrich our team with knowledge and skills to maintain utmost effectivity and efficiency.
  3. To provide a safe and conducive working environment for the people.
  4. To understand, anticipate and meet unique requirements of customers.
  5. To ensure compliance with applicable local and international requirements of various agencies.
  6. To continuously enhance our quality management system.



Rice has always been a staple food for Filipinos but there are still many families who cannot afford it. Katipunan ng mga Mamamayan ng Bagong Parañaque, Inc.(KMBPFI), CSR arm of DMWAI began its rice distribution in 2011. It started in Paranaque and expanded its advocacy in Bulacan and Tondo. In the span of 6 years KMBPFI have donated more than 198,000 kilos of rice to communities who are in most need of it.


With the goal of seeing all children not needing to walk barefoot, we started our slippers project in September 2015. Every Saturday, 220 pairs of slippers are distributed to children of Parañaque City.


Just because someone is a full-time mother does not mean that she does not have a way to provide income for her family. That is why in 2013, we began teaching mothers how to become entrepreneurs. Free training are given on how to make rags, dishwashing liquid and fabric conditioner to help them generate incomefor their families.